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Utena Icons

..because Utena loves your LiveJournal

Utena icons
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Rules(don't be afraid, they're not scary):

1.If you post more than 3 icons, PLEASE use LJ-CUT
2.Like in all icon communities--if you take, comment, and credit.
3.Have fun.
4.If someone states that posted icons are ONLY to be admired-don't take them.Of course, it's pretty impossible to check if you do respect this rule-but PLEASE-just be polite, don't steal.
5.Content of the icons-well, it's Utena, so...duh.
no one will be banned for ecchi icons, but if you feel like it's really explicit, heh, and you don't want to deprave younger people-use lj-cut with a warning.(ah....they'll check it nevertheless..OK, skip that rule:D...)

Useful links
gallery at empty movement: best SKU gallery on the net-nothing else needed, IMHO. Humble bow goes to Giovanna, Yasha, and Blade.